Streetart View

Streetart View ist sowas wie das Google Art Project für Straßenkunst, ebenfalls ein Mashup aus Streetview und Googlemaps, die Einträge auf der Karte kommen von den Usern. Ich glaube übrigens nicht, dass das Vogelexkrement auf der Googlelinse im Screenshot irgendwas mit dem Projekt zu tun hat, aber man weiß ja nie.

the crowd-sourced website lacks the image clarity and clean functionality of the recently released 'google art project', but the interactive 'street art view' map nonetheless provides a broad and instantly updatable record of street art pieces captured by google street view. a small information box to the screen's upper right includes the title, artist, and exact location of the work, when known by the user who has added that location.

with twitter and facebook sharing built-in, the map is also integrated to provide flickr thumbnails of geotagged photographs, particularly helpful for an art form that is often ephemeral as works are taken down or painted over.

Streetart View (via Designboom)