Creepy Human Mask Monkey-Waiters

In einem japanischen Restaurant arbeiten zwei als Menschen verkleidete Affen als Bedienung. Creepy as hell!

Kayabuki is a restaurant (actually, an izakaya, to be precise) in the Miyukihoncho part of Utsunomiya (address: 4688-13 Miyukihoncho, parking available) where two monkeys work as waiters (or waitresses – sorry I didn't feel like pulling down underpants). Their names are Yacchan (presumably a boy) and Fukuchan (presumably a girl, though I’m not sure).

Tonight only Fukuchan was on duty. And let me tell you, the masked and wigged monkey in the mask was a very creepy sight.

Kayabuki in Utsunomiya - Where Waiters Are Monkeys

(Youtube Direktmonkeys, via Laughing Squid)