Beer for Space-Tourists

17.02.2011 Misc #Beer #Space

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Vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr gab's Bier from space, jetzt hat eine australische Brauerei Bier for space gebraut. Das Zeug wird grade in Zero-G-Parabelflügen getestet und soll später Space-Touris serviert werden.

4 Pines Brewing Company is working with space engineers to create a beer to be drunk on commercial space tourist flights starting next year. "Batch number one is good to go, and it is tested for the first time on humans over in Florida next Saturday," says brewer Jaron Mitchell.

So what is necessary for a space beer? A strong taste, for a start. "In space your whole entire face, including your tongue, swells," says Jaron. "It becomes a lot harder to taste things in space."

First batch of astro-beer brewed and ready for testing, Space beer for space tourists (via Boing Boing)

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