Schlockmovie VHS-Cover

Monster Brains hatte letzte Woche in einer ganzen Reihe Postings nicht weniger als 344 VHS-Cover zu ollen 80er-Schlockfilmen gebracht: Hier die komplette Sammlung auf Flickr, VHS Box Art This Week!, Attack Of The Bloodthirsty VHS Box Art From Hell!, Revenge Of The Mutated VHS Covers From Outer Space!, Escape The Deranged Mind Of The VHS Box Art!, Beware! The Bionic Slime Nightmares Of The VHS Box Art!, Night Of The Glowing Demonic VHS Box Art From The Collection Of Jimmy Giegerich!, The Undead VHS Box Art Will Eat Your Brains!, Horror Of The Two Headed VHS Box Art From Another Dimension!, Electro Shriek Of The Blood Sucking VHS Boxes!, Return Of The Abominable VHS Box Art!