Revolution in Ägypten (8)

[update] Al Jazeeras Liveblog für den 11. Februar.

[update] „Witnesses in Tahrir Square wave shoes in dismay at Mubarak speech. Mubarak says he will delegate powers to Vice President Omar Suleiman, according to the constitution.“

[update] Mubarak im Staatsfernsehen, wird heute nicht zurücktreten. Von Reuters: „Mubarak says he is committed to protect the constitution until a transfer of power to whoever is elected in an honest election. Mubarak confirms he will not run again for the presidency. Mubarak says he will not accept foreign dictation whatever the justification. Mubarak says he responds to demands with commitment and will not go back and that he believes in the honesty of protester demands and intentions. Mubarak says that those who died did not die in vain in the unrest, and he feels the pain of those who lost family.“

In ungefähr einer halben Stunde soll Mubarak im ägyptischen Staatsfernsehen auftreten, es wird sein Rücktritt erwartet. Das Staatsfernsehen zeigt derzeit dieselben Bilder wie Al Jazeera. Big Times.

Al Jazeera Livestream, hier auf Youtube, Liveblog

Wired: Egypt Turned Off the Net With a Big Switch, Not Phone Calls: „The Egyptian government shut down most of its country’s internet not by phoning ISPs one at a time, but by simply throwing a switch in a crucial data center in Cairo.“

The Atlantics In Focus: A New Turning Point for the Revolution?: „Events in the most populous country in the Middle East are once again in rapid flux, with massive demonstrations developing and rumors of Mubarak's imminent departure passing through the crowds. Collected here are the latest images coming out of Egypt, to be updated through the day, as a possible second act to the Egyptian revolution begins to play out.“

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