Julian Assange-Interview bei 60 Minutes

(CBS Direktwikileaks, via Netzpolitik)

Julian Assange war am Sonntag Abend bei 60 Minutes und hat dort ein langes, ausführliches Interview gegeben. Hier das Transkript, hier sowas wie ein Behind the Scenes-Clip, oben der erste Teil, der zweite nach dem Klick. Snip:

"60 Minutes" and correspondent Steve Kroft spent two days with him in Great Britain where he is under house arrest, while fighting extradition to Sweden for questioning in two sexual assault cases, which he's called part of a smear campaign against him. In his most extensive television interview to date, Assange talked to us about his work, his vision and the prospects of facing criminal charges in the United States.

(CBS Direktjulian)