Winnitron 1000 – The Indie Game Arcade Machine

31.01.2011 Games Misc #Arcade

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(Vimeo Direktarcade, via Technabob)

Der Winnitron 1000 ist eine alte gehackte Arcade-Maschine, auf der Indie-Games laufen. Wird Zeit, dass ich mir auch mal so ein Ding in die Bude stelle.

The Winnitron 1000 is a free-to-play independent video game arcade cabinet featuring new games created by indie game developers from Winnipeg and across the globe! The goal of the Winnitron 1000 is to inspire and encourage Winnipeg game developers to become an active member of the independent video game community.

The creation of the Winnitron 1000 is a joint effort between 5 individuals: Alec Holowka, Marlon Wiebe, Noel Berry, Kert Gartner and Tom Rab. This group of individuals collectively calls themselves the Bit Collective. The Winnitron 1000 currently lives at LoPub, located at 330 Kennedy St. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Winnitron 1000 will occasionally make special appearances at “theme parties” and other events which will be announced on this site.

(Vimeo Direktcrate)

(Vimeo Direktcanabalt, via )