Real Object-Racetrack for virtual Cars

31.01.2011 Misc Tech #Toys

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(Youtube Direktracers, via Superlevel)

Tolles Spielzeug von Lieven van Velthoven, mit dem man mit der unaufgeräumten Bude virtuelles Autorennen spielen kann.

Create your own race game tracks by placing real stuff! Race with up to 4 virtual cars around anything you can find in your home...

This is the first fully functional version of my game prototype from last year. The object detection is completely real-time, checkpoints can be placed to define the route, players can drop in or out of the game at any time, there is a combat game mode, in-game menu, HUD, etc.

The system uses a pc, modified camera and a video projector (they're getting really small and cheap, fast!)