WikiLeaks-ISP anonymisiert seine komplette Kundschaft

Bahnhof, der schwedische ISP von Wikileaks (die mit dem James Bond-Villain-Batcave-Büros) anonymisiert den kompletten Traffic seiner Kunden. Nächster Schritt ist dann das Verbot von Anonymisierern und dann wird das alles noch sehr lustig. Von Torrentfreak:

In 2009, Sweden introduced the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED). The legislation gave rights holders the authority to request the personal details of alleged copyright infringers.

This prompted Jon Karlung, CEO of ISP Bahnhof, to announce that he would take measures to protect the privacy of his customers. Shortly after Bahnhof ceased logging customer activities and with no logging there was no data to store or hand over.

Now, in the face of Sweden’s looming implementation of the European Data Retention Directive which will force them to store data, Bahnhof – who are also Wikileaks’ Swedish host – will go a step further to protect the anonymity and privacy of their customers. Soon, every Bahnhof customer will be given a free anonymizing service by default.

Wikileaks ISP Anonymizes All Customer Traffic To Beat Spying