Censored, subversive Cartoon from China is full of burning Rabbits

(Youtube Direkthasen, via Arbroath)

Dieser Cartoon zum Neujahrsanfang des chinesischen Jahr des Hasen wurde grade gelöscht. Warum, wird klar, wenn man ihn ansieht: Darin gibt's jede Menge Parallelen zum chinesischen Zeitgeschehen und zur Politik der Unterdrückung. Chinageeks hat eine Übersetzung des Textes im Video und eine Analyse:

Regardless of what the disclaimer says, it is probably obvious even to those who don’t speak Chinese that this video makes repeated and explicit reference to real life events. The milk powder death, the fire, the illegal demolitions, the beating of protesters, the self-immolation, the “Tiger Gang” car accident, etc. are all references to real-life events that any Chinese viewer would be immediately and intimately familiar with.

Of course, sarcastic animations and other web jokes about these incidents are common. What is not common is the end of the video, which depicts a rabbit rebellion where masses of rabbits storm the castle of the tigers and eat them alive. For viewers who have already gathered that in this picture, rabbits represent ordinary Chinese people and the tigers represent the government/the powerful, this is a revolutionary–literally–statement. The clip ends with what seems almost like a call to arms for the new year, with Kuang Kuang saying it will be a meaningful (有意义, could also be translated as “important”) year and then the end title reading: “The year of the rabbit has come. Even rabbits bite when they’re pushed.”

“Little Rabbit, Be Good” A Subversive New Years’ Video Card