Badass Lego Guns

(Youtube Direktlego, via BoingBoing)

Schöner Trailer zum Buch „Badass Lego Guns“ mit Anleitungen zum Selbstbau von fünf… naja… Badass Lego Guns eben.

Badass LEGO Guns shows you how to build five impressive weapons entirely from LEGO Technic parts. With the help of rubber bands, some sanding, and a touch of Krazy Glue, you'll build five complex and functional guns that shoot plastic LEGO bricks or rubber bands at high speed with surprising accuracy. The easy-to-follow building instructions include complete parts lists, assembly tips, and a discussion of general design principles.

Learn to build:

* Thriller, a powerful crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms
* Parabella, a pint-sized, rubber-band shooting marvel
* The Warbeast, a sophisticated, fully-automatic bullpup submachine gun
* Liliputt, a semi-automatic pistol with a nine-brick magazine
* Mini-Thriller, a folding crossbow pistol

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