Kim Jong Phil: Dictator-Style Selfportraits

26.01.2011 Misc Politics #Art

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Phillip Toledano, normalerweise bekannt für seine nicht weniger als fantastischen Fotoserien, hat eine ganze Reihe von Selbstportraits von Tyrannen in Form von Bildern und Skulpturen aus aller Welt in China kopieren lassen – mit sich selbst als großem Diktator. Abartig grandiose Idee!

It occurred to me that being an artist is a great deal like being a dictator.

Just like a dictator, I must live in a closed loop of self-delusion. A place where my words and ideas always ring true. A gilded daydream of grandiosity. There can be no room for doubt. I must be convinced that I have something vital to say. I must believe that the world is waiting in keen anticipation to hear my message.

For my palette, I've copied pre-existing dictatorial art. Paintings from North Korea, statues of assorted dictators (Kim Il Sung, Laurent Kabilla, and Saddam Hussein). I had these works re-created in China, and each instance, I've replaced the great leaders with myself.

Kim Jong Phil (via Coudal)

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