Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

21.01.2011 Misc #Medics #Sex

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Es gibt Männer, die gegen ihr eigenes Sperma allergisch sind, das nennt man Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. Nach dem Ejakulieren kriegen die Herrn Fieber und Augenbrennen und sind bis zu eine Woche ziemlich im Eimer. I don't even…

If you experience feverish, burning-eyed orgasms, don’t rejoice–you should probably consider visiting your doctor. Scientists believe such flu-like symptoms arise when men are allergic to their own semen.

It’s called post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS). Although the term has been around since 2002, researchers led by Marcel Waldinger, a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, have for the first time shown that some men suffer from a semen allergy. Such men, after ejaculating, not only have burning eyes and fever-like feelings that can last for a week, but also feel as tired as post-marathon runners and have noses that run faster than Usain Bolt.

Sneezy After Sex? You Could Have Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome