Photography of vintage Photography-Tech

Wireds Raw File hat ein Interview mit Richard Nicholson, der in der Fotoserie „Analog — The Last One Out, Please Turn On the Light“ alte Fotoprojektoren fotografiert, mit denen man vor ein paar Jahren noch Bilder in Analogtechnik vergrößert hat. Ich habe in meiner Typographen-Ausbildung noch selbst an ähnlichen Maschinen gearbeitet, macht man heute alles mit ein paar Klicks. Why this subject?

Richard Nicholson: I love darkrooms. My father built one when I was a child and introduced me to photography. I’ve always enjoyed printing my own work.

In 2006, the hire darkroom I was using became very quiet. Canon had just released the 5D camera and photographers were rushing to switch from film to digital. London labs were closing in quick succession.

The writing was on the wall for film, but I didn’t want to let it go. I started looking at the darkroom in a new light. I was most interested in the enlargers — hulking specimens of modernist industrial design. It struck me they had a human scale and form: a neck, head, two armatures. I felt sorry for them.

Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age