Gandalf sez: „No Sex in Middle Earth!“

Sir Ian McKellen hat in einem Interview mit Vanity Fair ein für alle mal ausgeschlossen: Hobbitse haben keinen Sex! It's all magic!

Does Gandalf know where all the gay bars are in Middle Earth?

[Thunderous laughter.] Of course not! Gandalf is 7,000 years old. There’s no sex in Middle Earth.

Are you sure? There’s some fan fiction on the Internet that would beg to differ.

Tolkien was the only authority on that world, and I don’t think he was very interested in sex, at least not with the evidence of Lord of the Rings. Other people can read into it what they like or what they can. But I don’t really see it. Although I have heard speculation that Sam and Frodo might be an item, but I don’t think Tolkien really saw it that way. I don’t think Peter Jackson does either.

Sir Ian McKellen Has Sad News for Hobbit Fans: “There’s No Sex in Middle Earth!”

Und genau deshalb stehen echte Nerds auf Star Wars: There's only one Trilogy you fucking morons.

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