The Unhippness of Serial Killers

11.01.2011 Misc #Crime #Killer

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Slate hat einen sehr interessanten Artikel über die Voranschreitende Un-Hippness von Serienkillerism. Eine Hockeymaske zu tragen und 'ne Machete zu schwingen ist ganz eindeutig sowas von 80er.

When it came to serial killing, Stephen Griffiths did everything by the book. He targeted prostitutes in the slums of Bradford, a city in Northern England. He chose a unique murder weapon: a crossbow. He claimed to have eaten parts of his victims—two of them cooked, one of them raw. "I'm misanthropic," he told police investigators when he was finally caught in 2010. "I don't have much time for the human race." When he appeared in court, he gave his name as the "crossbow cannibal." It was as if he'd studied up on the art of serial murder. (In fact, he had: Griffiths was a part-time Ph.D. student at Bradford University, where he was studying criminology.) And yet, for all his efforts, he got only one short blurb in the New York Times when he was sentenced last month.

Blood Loss – The decline of the serial killer (via VBS)