Jim Woodrings giant Pen

Jim Woodring aus Seattle, dessen Möbius Loop Comicstrip ich vor ein paar Monaten hier hatte, hat sich eine riesige Kaligraphiefeder gebaut, alleine die Feder ist grob 40cm lang. Am Wochenende wird er mit dem Ding öffentlich zeichnen, bin gespannt, was da noch kommt.

Seattle cartoonist Jim Woodring has built a seven-foot long pen-and-penholder, a giant version of the steel dip pen nib and wooden handle used by artists and calligraphers. The nib is 16 inches long and made of brass-plated, hand-engraved cold rolled steel; the handle is lathe-turned poplar, painted with black lacquer. This will be the FIRST public demonstration of the finished product.

Woodring will be making large ink drawings on a specifically-built drawing board and conversing with the audience as he works. Regulation pen-and-ink supplies will be on hand for interested audience members to use; instruction for beginners will be provided by members of Seattle's Friends of the Nib.

BEHOLD! Jim Woodring’s giant pen!