David Carson has a new Mag

David Carson, Designlegende aus den 90ern, kehrt nach einigen Jahren, in denen es etwas ruhiger um ihn war, mit einem neuen Magazin zurück. Das Ding heisst CARSON und wird die Fortführung seiner Arbeit für das Ray Gun-Magazin. Mein Abo habe ich mir grade eben gesichert, aber ich bin auch Carson-Fanboy.

Arguably the world's most famous graphic designer is returning to print.

"He changed the public face of graphic design," according to Newsweek, and now he's doing it again. TED speaker and experimental graphic design pioneer David Carson is now the Art and Design Director for C A R S O N, a magazine which shares his unique vision and dedication to quality in not only design, but fine art, illustration, photography and writing as well.

"It's not about being retro," explained Alex Storch, the Editor-in-Chief. "It's about pushing forward. People want quality things they can hold and touch, not pseudo-journalism and themed template design on their computers. We're excited for people that have only seen David's books and a heavily worn copy of Ray Gun to experience his mastery of the form. We'd also like them to read some inspiring articles as well."

As writer Douglas Coupland says in Carson's most recent book, Trek, "once something is declared over is exactly the moment it springs back to life."

David Carson Marks His Return To Print With “C A R S O N” Magazine, CARSON Mag-Website (via Kottke)

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