The Communist Manifesto (Illustrated)

(Youtube Direktcommie, via Geekosystem)

Komischer, überdramatischer Trailer zum ersten von vier Teilen einer Comic-Version des kommunistischen Manifests. Werde ich mir trotzdem mal zulegen, macht sich gut im Regal neben der Trotzki-Comic-Biographie. Von der Toronto Sun:

George Rigakos is taking the "anything but textbook" approach, creating a four-part comic book series on the Communist Manifesto, featuring original works by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. "There is nothing like a comic book and graphic novel to grip a reader," said Rigakos, who plans to use the comic to teach political economy at Carleton University. […]

The 162-year-old Manifesto has often been considered ahead of its time, taking an analytical approach to the history and concept of class struggle. But it is the concept of villains, victims and heroes that enables the Manifesto to be easily transformed into a comic, according to Rigakos. "The original work of Marx and Engels focused on the bourgeoisie, the proletariat and their heroes - the Communists - which will each constitute separate comic books in the series," he said

Communist Manifesto to get comic book treatment

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