Clients from Hells' Bullshit-Bill

Tolle Rechnung für die Macken beknackter Kunden von Clients from Hell: „Beautiful letterpress invoices that stick it to the Man. Bill your clients for all the hell you've been through“. Weil man das auf den Bildern kaum lesen kann, hab ich das Dings mal abgetippt:

Invoice for Services Rendered Day-Ruining

Client:__________________ also known as [mean-spirited nickname].

Please remit Payment for
- the cocktails/beer I will need to calm my nerves
- the „comfort pizza“ I will undoubtedly eat later tonight
- the ibuprofen for the headache unquestionably caused by you/this circumstance
- the 30 minutes of necessary therapeutic phone ranting with my mom/best friend/significant other
- the latter half of my workday, which was far less productive because of your awfulness

In the Amount of ______,______,______._____

Because of
- your total inability to give intelligible art direction
- your guerilla conference-calling tactics
- your poor email etiquette (unnecessarily harsh tone, passive-aggressive cc'ing etc.)
- your rediculous demands (revisions within minutes, Sunday morning deadlines etc.)
- the general feeling of ickiness I get, each and every time we communicate

And another thing: _____________________ FOR GODS SAKE!

_____________ (a designer who will most likely never work for you again)