3D-printed Food

Eat this (sorry, pun intended): Wissenschaftler arbeiten derzeit an einem 3D-Drucker für Speisen. Von künstlichem Fleisch habe ich gehört, aber von einem Drucker, der sein Essen aus Spritzen zusammenklebt, noch nicht. Bislang gehen zwar nur komische Biskuits und Space Shuttles, aber gib dem Ding noch zehn Jahre und es kriegt ein super Sushi hin. Klingt lecker! Snip von Gawker:

Scientists at Cornell University's Computational Synthesis Lab are developing a commercially-available "3D food printer" that would allow users to "print" meals using "raw food 'inks'" inside syringes. Sounds delicious!

Cooking is so hard, what with "ingredients" and "recipes" and "having to leave your house to go shopping." So thank goodness for the fab@home project, an open-source collaboration on 3D printer technology that's developing a "food printer" intended for home use. The BBC is very excited:

Just pop the raw food "inks" in the top, load the recipe - or 'FabApp' - and the machine would do the rest. "FabApps would allow you to tweak your foods taste, texture and other properties," says Dr Jeffrey Ian Lipton, who leads the project. "Maybe you really love biscuits, but want them extra flaky. You would change the slider and the recipe and the instructions would adjust accordingly."

Soon, You Will Be Able to Print Your Food