Wikileaks Open Thread: Operation Leakspin

Kein Tag ohne Wikileaks: Links zu interessanten und neuen Storys um den Infowar, Anonymous und Wikileaks bitte in die Kommentare.

Laut Boing Boing ändert Anonymous seine Strategie und setzt nun statt auf DDoS-Attacken auf massenhafte Recherche in den Cables und die Verbreitung dieser Inhalte: Anonymous stops dropping DDoS bombs, starts dropping science: „If this image is to be believed—and I have no reason not to, other than that I found it on the internet—the rebel squadrons behind Anonymous […] are about to change their approach. […] The new approach suggests more sophisticated thinking. This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits that haven't been publicized yet, then publicize them.“ This could be FUN!

Time Mag: Why WikiLeaks Is Winning Its Info War: „There was a time when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's voluntary surrender to the British authorities might have put an end to the crisis created by the Internet provocateur's dissemination of tens of thousands of state secrets. But in the upside-down world of transnational crowdsourcing unleashed by WikiLeaks, in which thousands of activists around the globe can be rallied to defend and extend its work, Assange's arrest is a win, not a loss, for his organization.“

Bis zum 13. Dezember gibt's hier die Dokumentation Wikirebels : „Freelance journalists Bosse Lindquist and Jesper Huor first met Assange in Stockholm this summer at an embargoed news briefing in advance of Wikileaks’ release of more than 400,000 classified Iraq war documents.“

[update] Die Doku über Wikileaks ist mittlerweile auf Youtube und als Torrent angekommen, unten der erste Teil, hier die Links zu den Teilen 2, 3, 4. (via Netzpolitik)

Alle Wikileaks-Mirror auf einer Google-Map, leider ohne Links.

[update] WikiWecaps Episode 1: Inside Wikileaks "Cablegate": „Joe Sabia of Get Whirled offers this hilarious and appropriately instructive recap of the Wikileaks saga as it has unfolded over the last few weeks.“ (Boing Boing)

Foreign Policy: Predicting the future of WikiLeaks: Follow the media! (via Gregg Mitchells Mega-Liveblogging der Wikileaks-Affäre)