Your Kids on Drugs

(Youtube Direktwonderful, via EIT)

Kids auf Heavy Metal und Psychedelic Heroin. Da muss man unbedingt was machen! Deshalb nach dem Klick das Hanffeld für die Modeleisenbahn und das Poster und der Trailer zu Ganjasaurus Rex.

Von einem Review auf IMDB: „'Ganjasaurus Rex' is about marijuana growers,who created a new strain of weed they dub cannabis sequoia and Tyrannosaurus Herbivorous Ganjasaurus Rex,who feeds on plants.The DEA forces are organizing war on drugs.We see footage of anti-weed police raids accompanied by the reggae-influenced song "Living in a Police State.".The burning of the crops by DEA awakens a long-dormant dinosaur who apparently thrives on marijuana and looks for weed."Ganjasaurus Rex" is so bad and goofy that it has to be seen to be believed.The monster is just a laughable puppet moved by the animator.In the end the creature is defeated and everyone gets stoned.After watching "Ganjasaurus Rex" my brain hurt.“


(Youtube Direktsaurus, via Dangerous Minds)

Und hier noch Mohn- und Hanffelder für die Modelleisenbahn via MoGreens: