Klein Bottle Beer-Opener

Bathsheba Grossmans Milchstraßen-Lasergravur hatte ich mal vor einer ganzen Weile, seine Mathe-Skulpturen auch und denen hat er nun einen Bieröffner in Form einer Kleinschen Flasche hinzugefügt und der Infotext dazu ist purer Sciencenerdism. Ein zweidimensionaler, einseitiger Bieröffner im dreidimensionalen Raum. Toll!

The problem of beer: That it is within a 'bottle', i.e. a boundaryless compact 2-manifold homeomorphic to the sphere. Since beer bottles are not (usually) pathological or "wild" spheres, but smooth manifolds, they separate 3-space into two non-communicating regions: inside, containing beer, and outside, containing you. This state must not remain.

A proposed solution: Clearly the elegant course is to introduce a non-orientable manifold, which has one side and does not divide 3-space. When juxtaposed with the beer-bounding manifold described above, it acts to disrupt the continuity thereof, canceling the outdated paradigm of distinction between interior and exterior. This enables the desired interaction between beer and self.

Implementation: The Klein Bottle Opener shown above is an example. It is palm-sized, durably constructed in stainless steel, effective, and blissfully ergonomic.

This Klein Bottle Opens Beers (via Scienceblogs)

Auch toll, aber alt: Die Klein Bottle-Mützen und Möbius-Loop-Schals. Und falls ihr keinen Schimmer habt, worum es hier geht: Wikipedia helps.