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24.11.2010 Misc #Cover #Pulp

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Ich klicke mich grade durch die tolle Website zur Ausstellung alter australischer Pulp-Magazine an der University of Otago.

Ich liebe diesen Kram und ich habe mittlerweile eine fast schon extrem große Sammlung an digitalen Pulp Magazinen und Comics von den 1930ern bis heute, die Gespenster Geschichten und Horror Comics Cover neulich waren nur eine Minispitze des Eisbergs. Ich muss was machen mit dem Kram, unbedingt sogar. Mal sehen, wann ich dazu komme.

Five years ago, Special Collections at the University of Otago Library, took possession of a collection of pulp fiction, some 900 publications with wonderful winning titles such as Bella Donna was poison, No blonde is an island, If the coffin fits, Dead white males, Slay ride for Sandra, Baby your racket's busted, and Never trust a Martian.

The covers are deliciously lurid: curvy dames, whisky sodden men with hats, cigarettes and smoking guns, strong jaw lines, cyclopic green monsters, and the glaring looks. Almost all have publisher’s puffs: 'An evil genius of crime brings terror to both law-abiding and lawless!' and 'They plundered a dying planet so that their own world could survive.' And who can beat: 'She was curled up on the divan in my apartment…and she wasn't my aunt, grandmother, or a visiting fireman. She was Lulu, the cutest, hottest belly-dancer this side of Farouk...'. So begins Marc Brody's The Bride Wore Black.

Welcome to The Pulp Fiction Collection (via MeFi)