Laserscanning the Nottingham Caves

Unter Nottingham existiert ein über tausend Jahre altes System aus menschengemachten Höhlen, das grade im Rahmen der Nottingham Caves Survey mit einem Laser gescannt und in einem 3D-Modell dargestellt wird. Von Wikipedia:

Beneath the houses, shops and offices of Nottingham lie hundreds of caves. Few people in Nottingham are aware of this labyrinth, which exists underneath the city streets, and fewer still have visited them. Nottingham has more man-made caves than anywhere else in Britain. People have worked and lived in them for over 1,000 years.

Superfaszinierend, Snip von der Website zum Projekt:

All caves that can be physically accessed will be surveyed with a 3D laser scanner, producing a full measured record of the caves in three dimensions. This ‘point cloud’ of millions of individual survey points can be cut and sliced into plans and sections, ‘flown through’ in short videos, and examined in great detail either on the web through the TruView Internet Explorer plug-in or on a fixed PC with suitable software.

Unbedingt auch Youtube-Channel voller Videos mit Flügen um und durch das Höhlensystem ansehen, superinteressanter Kram. (via BLDGBLOG)

(Youtube Direktcaves)

(Youtube Direktnottingham)