Hollywoods RealLife-Superheroes for the Win!

Hollywoods Real Life-Superhelden, die im Sommer von der Los Angeles Police verhaftet wurden, haben die Polizei verklagt und vor Gericht gewonnen. Der Richter ordnete an, dass sie wieder ihrer Beschäftigung nachgehen dürfen, ohne von den Cops belästigt zu werden.

The four street performers who sued had argued they were wrongly arrested and intimidated by the LAPD. U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson ruled that the characters had a First Amendment and Fourth Amendment right to remain on the public sidewalk free from police persecution as long as they were not blocking the walkway or overzealously demanding change.

“The court is further sensitive that although costumed performance may not be a traditional form of speech, it is without doubt a protected one,” Pregerson ruled.

Judge Orders Cops to Stop Harassing Superheroes

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