From RoboCop to Little RoboCop with Love

19.11.2010 Misc #Kids #Robocop

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Ihr erinnert Euch an Little RoboCop, der an Halloween als MiniRoboCop verkleidet war? Der Bub hat Post vom echten RoboCop bekommen. Sweet!

Seriously, how cool is Peter Weller? After seeing the photos of my son in the Robocop costume, he took time away from his acting (eight episodes of Dexter) and UCLA teaching schedule (as well his dissertation for the PhD he's earning in Roman and Italian Renaissance art) to send an autographed photo to my son. Signed ROBO! […]

Gram believes the real Robocop sent this to him, because that's exactly what we told him. It's already framed and on his bedroom wall.

From Robocop, With Love (via Geekosystem)