Denis Duttons „A Darwinian Theory of Beauty“, animated

(Youtube Direktbeauty, via Martin)

Toller TED-Talk von Denis Dutton, in dem er die evolutionäre Funktion der Psychologie von Schönheitsempfinden erklärt: A Darwinian Theory of Beauty. Animiert wurde das ganze von Andrew Park, der auch schon die Vorträge vom RSA bebildert hat.

For us moderns, virtuoso technique is used to create imaginary worlds in fiction and in movies, to express intense emotions with music, painting and dance. But still, one fundamental trait of the ancestral personality persists in our aesthetic cravings: The beauty we find in skilled performances. From Lascaux to the Louvre to Carnegie Hall, human beings have a permanent innate taste for virtuoso displays in the arts. We find beauty in something done well.

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