Pen made from Moondust and Apollo 11-Parts

Romain Jeromes Uhren hatte ich hier schon ein paar mal, unter anderem auch eine aus Mondstaub, Teilen von Apollo 11 und benutzten Raumanzügen. Aus diesem Material hat er nun auch einen Kuli gebastelt. Garantiert schweineteuer, dafür aber from outer Space.

On July 20th 1969, after two hours and thirty-one minutes of eternity, Buzz Aldrin climbed back into confined space of the lunar module, where he accidentally broke the key in the ignition and ended up having to jiggle around a pen tip in order to start the ascent engine that would enable him and Armstrong to take off from the moon.

Some 40 years later, Manuel Emch nurtures our childhood dreams by creating the MoonFighter, a new RJ – ROMAIN JEROME writing instrument that lives up to its space-inspired origins. He is thereby bringing to life a dreamlike symbol of a pen that served as a bridge between the moon and the earth.
This instantly appealing fountain pen radiates absolute aesthetic purity, while naturally commanding respect by its powerful lines.

Stemming from a meticulously executed fusion between moon dust (a certified sample) and silver, RJ is an alloy that is the exclusive property of RJ – ROMAIN JEROME. Designed on the basis of this alloy and also comprising authentic fragments from Apollo II, the MoonFighter will forever bear vivid testimony to its historical origins.

Romain Jerome - DP MOON FIGHTER (via Retrothing)

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