US-Elections told with Star Wars-Trilogy

Die scharfsinnigste, kompetenteste, tiefgründigste und weitsichtigste Analyse der Kongresswahlen in den USA gestern stammt übrigens von einem Kommentator der Huffington Post.

Settle down everyone. Last night just proved two things... 1) Obama *will* be re-elected, and 2) It's just going to take a lot of midgets.

Look, we're living the Star Wars trilogy right now. In 2008, we had "A New Hope." In 2010, the Empire struck back. Which just means, in 2012, we're going to see the Return of the Jedi, which is awesome, but it also means we're going to be knee-deep in Ewoks by the Iowa caucuses.

Die Kommentare auf Reddit führen das weiter aus:

So that's why we had to deal with the crappy prequel trilogy that was the Bush years.

And, logically speaking, this means that the 2016 elections will be the same as the 2012 elections except digitally remastered and in 3D.

And replaced with the version where Saddam shot first. dammit.

So ist das.