The Renaissance of the GIF89a

Slate hat einen schönen Artikel über die nicht totzukriegenden GIFs (aka Zappel-GIFs) und gleichzeitig gibt's auf If we don't, remember me ein paar echte Knaller davon, die ein wenig an die Animationen auf Three Frames erinnern.

With broadband connections and high-definition YouTube and Hulu clips as prevalent as they are, why do people want to watch these relatively grainy, endlessly looping little videos? Part of the answer is that animated GIFs—soundless, coarsely textured, and powerless to describe complex color—appeal to an imperfection fetish like the one columnist Rob Walker recently discerned in the vogue for photographic technologies that simulate the degraded look of Super 8 film and Holga cameras. But the present-day GIF love goes beyond aesthetics and nostalgia. Animated GIFs aren't just throwbacks—they're uniquely suited to some very contemporary modes of cultural consumption, and they perform distinct functions that other formats can't.

(via Jens, Einhorn)