Book-Piracy Liftoff

Der Telegraph hat einen schönen Artikel über die grade durchstartende Bücher-Piraterie. Kann ich alles so unterschreiben.

It’ll begin with people downloading electronic copies of books they already own, just for convenience’s sake (and hey, the New York Times says it’s ethical!). This will of course handily introduce them to the world of ebook torrents.

Next, you’ll have people downloading classics – they’ll say to themselves, “Tolkein and C. S. Lewis are both dead, so why should I feel bad about pirating their books?” Then you’ll have people downloading ebooks not available in their country yet. Then it’ll be people downloading entire collections, just because it’s quicker. Then they’ll start wondering why they should buy any ebooks at all, when they cost so much. And then you go bust.

Your time is up, publishers. Book piracy is about to arrive on a massive scale (via io9)