Interview mit dem Simpson-Produzenten hinter dem Banksy-Stunt

Schon die Schnauze voll von Banksy und seinem Simpsons-Intro? Ja? Gut, dann hab' ich hier was: New York Times' Artbeats hat ein Interview mit Al Jean, der den Banksy-Simpson-Stunt zu verantworten hat.

Q. How did you find Banksy to do this, and now that it’s done, how much trouble are you in?
A. Well, I haven’t been fired yet, so that’s a good sign. I saw the film Banksy directed, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” and I thought, oh, we should see if he would do a main title for the show, a couch gag. So I asked Bonnie Pietila, our casting director, if she could locate him, because she had previously located people like Thomas Pynchon. And she did it through the producers of that film. We didn’t have any agenda. We said, “We’d like to see if you would do a couch gag.” So he sent back boards for pretty much what you saw.

Q. Were you concerned that what he sent you could get the show into hot water?
A. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it for a little bit. Certainly, Fox has been very gracious about us biting the hand that feeds us, but I showed it to Matt Groening, and he said, no, we should go for it and try to do it pretty much as close as we can to his original intention. So we did.

‘The Simpsons’ Explains Its Button-Pushing Banksy Opening (via Macelodeon)