Ron Englishs Status Factory

(Vimeo Direktron, via Ron English)

Schöne Videotour durch Ron Englishs neue Ausstellung Status Factory in der Opera Gallery in New York. Auf der Website der Galerie gibt's jede Menge seiner Artworks in okayer Auflösung.

Ron English and Opera Gallery present "Status Factory," a surreal assemblage of the artist's most well-known character motifs alive in their natural habitat, a camo-arcadian warholian times square circus sideshow mash-up barely contained by the silver walls of 382 West Broadway.

English draws the curtain back to reveal the process and inspiration behind his most outrageous work, with sculpture, installation and street art shown for the first time in context beside a new body of monumental masterworks. This highly interactive exhibition traces the arc of English's most ambitious themes across mediums like a cartoon colored tightrope: dangerous and fun.