Flying Robot Swarm

(Youtube Direktflyingrobots, via MeFi)

Das Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network (SMAVNET)-Projekt vom schweizer Laboratory of Intelligent Systems ist ein fliegender Roboterschwarm, der in Notfallgebieten extrem schnell Kommunikationsnetze für Hilfskräfte auf die Beine stellen soll. Das ganze befindet sich noch im experimentellen Stadium, funktioniert aber schon, wie man im Video sehen kann. Skynet, anyone?

All necessary software and hardware to perform experiments with 10 flying robots was developed in the scope of this project. To the best of our knowledge, this setup is the one with the most flying robots operating outdoors to this day.

For fast deployment of large swarms, input from the swarm operator must be reduced to a minimum during robot calibration, testing and all phases of flight (launch, swarming, landing). Therefore, robot reliability, safety and autonomy must be pushed to a maximum so that operators can easily perform experiments without safety pilots. In our setup, robots auto-calibrate and perform a self-check before being launched by the operator. Robots can be monitored and controlled though a swarm-interface running on a single computer.

The Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network (SMAVNET) Project