The Creative Process of Chewbacca

Michael Heilemann von Binary Bonsai hat ein langes, ausführliches Posting über die Entstehungsgeschichte von Chewbacca.

Im Artikel nimmt er alle möglichen Puzzleteile vom Making of THX 1138, frühe Drehbuchentwürfe von Star Wars, erste Entwürfe Chewies von Ralph McQuarrie, Bruchstücke aus Interviews und fügt das alles zu einer superinteressanten Geschichte um den kreativen Prozess bei der Entstehungs des Charakters Chewbacca zusammen. Und alles läuft am Ende auf George Lucas' Alaskan Malamute und auf einen Ripoff hinaus.

“I think I just ran over something back there, I think I ran over a wookie”. This is the first emergence of the word Wookiee as we know it today. And the small wookies in THX who lived in the shell of this environment became the large wookiee that we all know in Star Wars. […]

“And later on after the recording I asked Terry ‘What’s the Wookie?’ and he said ‘Oh that’s a friend of mine who lives in Texas, Ralph Wookie, and I just threw his name in there as I always want to stick it to him and thought he’d get a kick out of hearing his name in a film’. Little did Terry know what kind of thing he was creating, this off-hand phrase has since become a character that literally billions of people probably know about.”

George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It’s Okay