Creepy Christian Masturbation Education-Video

18.09.2010 Misc #Religion #Sex

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(Youtube DirektWTF?!, via Reddit)

Ich habe keine Ahnung, ob das hier echt ist, der Youtube-Account wurde grade erst eröffnet und mehr, als das auf einer CD-ROM für christliche Homeschooler benutzt werden soll, steht da auch nicht. Aber ich traue religiösen Fundis ja alles zu. „They will put themselves inside of you and it will make you cry from the pain. This is called homosexual.“

Bobby and his Mom talk about the problems and solutions of puberty. This is a great video to show your boys as they have questions about their bodies and the changes occuring in their lives.

Prepared specifically for Christian Homeschoolers, this is a supplement to an instructional booklet and CD_ROM that is planning to be released in 2011 covering a variety of health and faith topics.