Werewolf-Spell on Ebay

Auf Ebay kann man derzeit einen Werwolf-Fluch für grade mal 500$ ersteigern. Ein echtes Schnäppchen, I mean, c'mon: „once shapeshifted into werewolf form you will have night vision“. Kommt übrigens ohne Versandkosten, so ein Werwolf-Fluch.

This spell has alot of hard work and its exhuasting to cast. It can take over 12 hours to do plus its hard to cast it. With all that being said that is a reason why the price is higher than alot of others on ebay trying to sell the same thing. And with prices being higher than $20,$50,$80 then you know its legit and for real. Prices that are low trying to sell these kind of spells are most likely out to steal your money and are scamming you. Because think about it, a rare opportunity to become a werewolf should be thousands because of what a huge gift it is to have and all that would come with it. If you were to cast a spell like this would you sell it for a cheesy cheap price? No i didnt think so. I would prefer to sell a spell like this for over $10 grand but we arent all rich and millionaires here so i put the price down to a lower cost than that to give people a chance to buy this and its more affordable.

Moving on

ok well you probably want to know the main thing alot are curious about. "What are the werewolf abilities that id get out of this spell"

1) strentgh~you will be stronger than a vampire & demon
2) speed~that you can run as fast as about 240 mph
3) yes shapeshifting of course~you will be able to shapeshift into a beast like creature
4) immortality~you will never grow old and you will never die
5) massive sex appeal
5) huge appetite for meat
6) your senses will be enhanced like, taste~smell~hearing~feeling~seeing/vision
7) able to breath under water
8) having visions and lucid dreams.
9) You will be alerted if danger is near by
10) being able to communicate with animals and have control over them
11) once shapeshifted into werewolf form you will have night vision

Werewolf transformation spell~become a werewolf (via Reddit)