When Popeye married Olive…

1939 haben die Synchronstimmen von Popeye und Olive tatsächlich geheiratet. Und zum Frühstück nach der Hochzeitsnacht gab's natürlich Spinat. Was auch sonst. Das Hochzeitsbild von Jack Mercer (Popeye) und Margie Hines (Olive Oyl) kann man noch für ein paar Stunden auf Ebay ersteigern.

The Voice of Popeye weds the Voice of Olive Oyl.

New York… „I yam what I yam, cause I yam.“ Those beautifully gravel-toned Words of Popeye, the famous Sailor Man of the Comic Strip and animated Cartoon, came over the Movie Recording Machines via Jack Mercer, and if Jack was the Voice of Popeye, Margie Hines was the voice of the other famous Character, Olive Oyl.

What could be more natural then, then that the two should be married in real Life, which is what actually happened at Fr. Lauderdale, Florida, last Friday. The event was followed by a Wedding Breakfast of Spinach. Here we bee the Bride and Groom back at the Fleischers Studio in Long Island City, ready to begin work on a new Release.

Popeye and Olive get Married (1939)

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