Pacifist Ego-Shooter-Gaming

Ein Mann namens Glen McCracken versucht, im Shooter Modern Warfare 2 Rank 70 zu erreichen, ohne einen einzigen Pixel umzuballern. Fucking Hippie.

This feat may sound impossible, but for Game Informer reader and hardcore Modern Warfare 2 player Glen McCracken, it's only a matter of time. In two hours of playing, Glen has reached rank 5 without taking a life. Using pacifist means to earn points, Glen estimates it will take him roughly two months to be the first player to reach rank 70 with zero kills.

Why would someone attempt such a strange feat? "I've already hit Prestige five times. I thought it would be something interesting to do," Glen said.

Modern Warfare 2 Player Attempting To Reach Rank 70 Without Killing Anyone (via Kottke)