2010 Bee Beard Competition

19.08.2010 Misc #Bees #Insects

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Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass es tatsächlich einen Bienenbart-Wettbewerb gibt. I mean… what?!

As counting the bees would be tricky, the winner is assessed by weight (10,000 bees a pound.) Beekeepers are weighed before being sent into the tents to be ”groomed with bees’ and after it.

It was a case of who dares wins as the contestants bravely wore thousands of honey bees on their face and body. Tibor Szabo was among those who took part and was pictured with his head completely covered with honey bees.

Beebearding is thought to date back to the 1700s when an English beekeeper discovered he could create a beard of bees by tying the queen to a thread around his neck and would parade through the streets wearing the unusual costume.

To Bee Or Not To Bee: 2010 Bee Beard Competition in Ontario (via Coudal)