Steampunk Raygun-Dildos

Musste ja auch irgendwann mal kommen: Selbstgemachte Steampunk Raygun-Dildos. Oben das Modell „Lady Clankington's Little Death Ray“, das Bild unten ist die „Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol“.

Q: Do your products actually work? I need some oomph in my vibrator.

A: No weak vibes here. Lady Clankington, herself, has personally tested each design for quality control -- trust us, we do not sell anything that does not carry her seal of approval. Rest assured, she will not test any of the items you, yourself, purchase unless you really, really want her to do so (in which case, contact us and we'll talk).

Q: Do you make the vibrators, dildoes, etc, yourseslf?

A: No. We buy high-quality pre-existing dildoes and vibrators from other suppliers and modify them ourselves out of acrylic, right here in America.

Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities (Danke Jacob!)