Pencil-Sharpening Craftsmanship

David Rees aus New York spitzt Bleistiffte. Mit der Hand. Kostet 15$ pro Stift und ich glaube, der meint das alles tatsächlich ernst. Aus einem Review seiner Bleistiftanspitzskunst:

Send your No. 2 pencil to Rees, and he will personally sharpen it and mail it back to you in a tube fitted with rubber piping to keep the point intact as well as a polyurethane baggy containing the shavingsÔfor just $12.50. Rees opens up to Details about the time-honored craft of sharpening pencils.

1. What's your artistic process like?
"Some people ask me, 'Are you going to have an electric sharpener and just shove pencils in it all day, like a factory?' No. The whole point is that I'm going to have an authentic, honest-to-God encounter with your pencil. I'm not going to be absentminded. I want to get these things fucking sharp as shit. And when you get it back, you're like, 'Whoa. It's actually vaguely menacing how sharp this thing is.'"

[update 12.8.2016] Kurzfilm von 2013 über David Rees: