Ladder Parkour Commercial

(Youtube Direktparkour, via Kottke)

Schönes Commercial zum Song „Time Traveler“ von The Weavers für einen neuseeländischen Energydrink mit Jungs, die Leitern mit Parkour verbinden. Den Sport gibt's wohl auch in echt, Snip von einem Artikel der neuseeländer Stop Press:

Watson says the agency heard about a few local guys who have worked with Cirque de Soleil in the past and, most recently, were employed as stuntmen on the Power Rangers show that was being filmed in Auckland and were pursuing a rather strange and seemingly fairly dangerous leisure activity that’s been labelled ‘Pomparkour’, which is basically a combination of using hooked ladders to climb buildings (the French art of Pompier) and urban exploration (the French art of Parkour), with a few special tricks thrown in there.

Pomparkour and ceremony as Colenso and V move up ladder