Elvis Autopsie-Instrumente werden versteigert

21.07.2010 Misc #Death #Elvis

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Mit ein bisschen Geld, Glück (oder was auch immer) und Beziehungen könnte ihr vielleicht demnächst eins der Instrumente ersteigern, mit denen die Pathologen und Leichenpräparatoren an Elvis herumgeschnibbelt und ihn einbalsamiert haben.

Autopsy instruments used in the embalmment and preparation of the body of Elvis Presley will be up for sale on August 12, 2010, just four days before the anniversary of the entertainer’s death. The items were saved for many years by the senior embalmer at the Memphis Funeral Home.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. Following the autopsy, the body was escorted by the Memphis police from Baptist Memorial Hospital to the funeral home six hours after being found in the master bathroom of the Graceland estate. Throughout the evening, the embalmers, watched closely by the Memphis Police Department, prepared Presley’s body for a private viewing that was to occur the next morning. Preparing the body involved embalming the body, dressing the body in the suit chosen by Elvis’s family, applying make-up, and dying Elvis’s graying hair to the jet-black color accustomed by his fans.

All of the items used in the autopsy and funeral preparations will be offered at auction, including: rubber gloves, forceps, lip brushes, comb and eye liner, needle injectors, an arterial tube and aneurysm hooks. According to the owner, the items were used only once.

Elvis Presley Autopsy Instruments To Be Sold At Auction (via BoingBoing)