The „Look, Sir! Droids!“-Guy

17.07.2010 Misc #StarWars

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Topless Robot hat eine schöne Liste mit Charakteren aus Star Wars und ihren völlig absurden Geschichten. Ich werde nicht die völlig (im positiven WTF-Sinne) beknackte Nummer Eins verraten, aber hier der „Look, Sir! Droids!“-Guy:

Davin Felth was the Stormtrooper who, in A New Hope, held up a little metal ring and said, "Look sir! Droids!" But fans couldn't let him go unrewarded for this act, no, they had to give him a backstory that rivals that of Batman. His Wookiepedia entry is eight times as long as the Wikipedia entry on famed Dada sculptor Jean Arp. It includes pointless details like what color his duffel bag was when he came to basic training (blue), how much weight he lost in basic training (15 lbs), how long he trained for the desert corps after AT-AT training (three months), and that Davin didn't like it when his Stormtrooper unit killed Jawas.

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