Smithsonians Welt in 40 Jahren

15.07.2010 Misc #Futurism

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Anlässlich des 40. Geburtstags des Smithsonian-Magazines gibts dort 40 Zukunftsvorhersagen über die Welt in 40 Jahren inklusive Quallen als neue Herrscher der Meere, ausgestorbene Korallen, Energy in Space und einem Essay von Barrack Obama. Nach dem Klick alle Links zu allen Artikeln. (via MeFi)

Nature & Environment

Coral Reefs Will Be Devastated - Scientists say the outlook for the world's oceans is bleak—unless we stop overfishing and reduce air and water pollution.

The Catch of the Day? Jellyfish - As the world's oceans are degraded, will they be dominated by jellyfish?

Oysters Will Save Wolves From Climate Change - For scientists in a remote corner of coastal North Carolina, ignoring global warming is not an option.

2,000 New Mammal Species Will Be Discovered - From old-world primates to patch-nosed salamanders, new creatures are being discovered every day.

It's Curtains For The World's Rarest Dolphin - Conservationists estimate that one-eighth of all bird species, one-fifth of mammal species and one-third of amphibian species are at risk of extinction.

Most Americans Fear For The Planet's Health - A joint poll from the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine finds high hopes about science but anxiety about the environment.

Science & Technology

Sophisticated Buildings Will Be Made Of Mud - An MIT professor shows how ancient architecture can be the basis for a more sustainable future.

New Cars Will Be Given Away, Free - An entrepreneur hits the road with a new approach for an all-electric car that overcomes its biggest shortcoming.

Industry Will Generate Energy In Space - Billionaire entertainment mogul Richard Branson talks about the future of transportation and clean energy.

Farmers Will Plant Spinach In Tall Buildings - Grow fruits and vegetables in city towers? Advocates give a green thumbs up.

An Ancient Grain, Fonio, Will Fight Starvation - Five Game-Changing Crops That Could Help Feed the Hungry.

Glowing Squid Will Lead To New Antibiotics - By studying microbial communications, Bonnie Bassler has come up with new ways to treat disease.

Science Could Enable A Person To Regrow A Limb - It won't be long before surgeons routinely install replacement body parts created in the laboratory.

Astronomers Will Discover Life Beyond Earth - Probes and landers sent into the final frontier will bring us closer to answering cosmic mysteries.

How Will We Avert The Dinosaurs' Fate? Telescopes - Astronomers are determined to protect human beings from inanimate outer space invaders.

Brain Scans Will Illuminate The Infant Mind - Anthropolist and physician Melvin Konner talks about how our understanding of child development will change.

A Medical Lab Will Fit On A Postage Stamp - Harvard professor and scientific genius George Whitesides believes that nanotechnology will change medicine as we know it.

Viruses Will Help Build Machines - Chemist Angela Belcher looks to manufacture high technology out of viruses.

Electricity Will Be Harvested From Your Skin - Energy harvested from our bodies will make possible mind-boggling gadgetry.

Crucial Energy Will Be Generated With Mirrors - Solar technologies being pioneered in Spain show even greater promise for the United States.

Your Refrigerator Will Talk To You - Google’s “Chief Internet Evangelist” Vinton Cerf talks about the direction of online connectivity and communication.

US & World Politics

The Nation Will Meet The Tests Of The Century Ahead - Looking ahead to the next 40 years, President Obama writes about our nature as Americans to dream big and solve problems.

The Heartland Will Rise Again and The Top U.S. Social Problem? Upward Mobility - The United States population will expand by 100 million over the next 40 years. Is this a reason to worry?

By 2050, One Out Of Three U.S. Kids Will Be Latino - Experts predict the U.S. population will become increasingly diverse, with the greatest gains among Latinos. The Chicano cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, creator of the syndicated "La Cucaracha" comic strip and illustrator of the book Latino USA, reinterprets a now-classic vision of mid-21st-century life.

World War III Will Begin. In Space - Geopolitical scientist George Friedman predicts which nations will be fighting for world power in 2050.

Unless We Conserve, More People Will Go Hungry - Economist Rosamond Naylor discusses the stresses that climate change and a greater world population will have on our food supply.

Afghanistan Risks Turmoil For 40 Years - Maturing populations may mean a less violent future for many societies torn by internal conflict (but Afghanistan is another story).

Health Workers Will Eradicate Malaria - Melinda French, co-chair of the world's largest philanthropy talks about what can be done to improve global health and poverty.

Art & Culture

Artists Will Run The World - The director of the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum predicts how art will engage us as never before.

Novelists Will Need A New Plot Device - Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Rita Dove discusses how new technologies will affect the creative process.

Everyone Will Make His Own Music - Inventor and MIT professor Tod Machover talks about where music and technology will intersect over the course of the next 40 years.

Secrets Will Reveal If Young JFK Was "Vacuous" - Declassified records and journals to be released in coming decades will shed new light on pivotal 20th-century figures and events.

James Cameron Will Still Be Making Movies At 96 - The director of Avatar and Terminator talks about future sequels, 3-D television and Hollywood in 2050.

Stand-up Comedy Will No Longer Kill - Late-night talk show host George Lopez discusses how America's changing demographics will affect what makes people laugh.

Native American Youths Will Revive Their Culture - Filmmaker Chris Eyre says Native pride will embolden the next generation of first Americans.

U.S.-Muslim Relations Will Improve - Museum curator and author Sabiha Al Khamir predicts that relations between the United States and the Muslim world will improve.

Evolution Will Continue In Reverse, Humorist Says - Satirist Carl Hiaasen talks about the "curve of human weirdness" and the need for public outrage in the political arena.

Goodbye, Stereo; Hello, Hyper-Real Acoustics - Multi-faceted artist Lauri Anderson sees a future in which artists change our auditory experiences.

Reading Will Become An Athletic Activity - As digital screens proliferate and people move from print to pixel, how will the act of reading change?