BPs Offshore Oil Strike Boardgame – Pics

BPs Offshore Oil Strike Boardgame machte neulich schonmal die Runde, damals gabs aber nur einen Shot der Packung und ein paar verwackelte Ebay-Bildchen. BLDGBLOG hat das Ding im Canadian Centre for Architecture im Keller gefunden (kein Scheiß!) und näher angeschaut.

Each player has "Hazard" cards to deal with; here are some of the risks BP thought to include:

—"Accident. Rig shuts down while replacement of key personnel takes place. Miss one turn."
—"Fire breaks out. Pay $2,500,000 for repairs."
—"Hit High-Pressure Gas—Rig Damaged. Specialists called in."
—"Blow-Out! Rig Damaged. Repairs cost $2,000,000"
—"Drill pipe breaks. Pay $500,000 for replacement."
—"Strike High Pressure Gas. Platform Destroyed."
—"Blow-Out! Rig Damaged. Oil Slick Clean-Up costs. Pay $1,000,000."

Offshore Oil Strike for All the Family