Alan Moore über Rauchverbote, das Internet und Real Life Superheroes

The Stool Pigeon hat ein superspannendes Interview mit Alan Moore… wobei man ja sagen muss, dass alle Interviews mit dem Comic-Voodooschamanen Alan Moore immer ausnahmslos superspannend sind.

The Stool Pigeon: It’s almost a luxury to be able to smoke indoors these days.

Alan Moore: It’s very civilised. I’m not keen on having to go to places where you have to stand outside to have a smoke. People complain about passive smoking but they don’t realise that my passive smoke has a measurable retail value. I’m thinking about charging people to stand next to me. I smoke indoors. Although since I got married to Melinda [Gebbie, co-creator of Lost Girls], and she’s moved in with me, I have relented and will open a window now. […]

SP: Does this ‘traditionalism’ tie in with your mistrust of the internet? I find it slightly odd that someone who is renowned for working in speculative fiction and near-future writing isn’t interested in a tool with such potential.

AM: I’m practically Amish when it comes down to it. I practically mistrust any technology that came after the buggy. What I tend to think is that the internet is fine for everyone else in the world. I can see that it may have some disadvantages. In fact, I can see a few problems arising from it, but, by and large... everybody in the entire world apart from me uses the internet and seems to get on quite well with it. For my part, I don’t want to be connected to that all-pervasive kind of cyber culture any more than I want to be connected to the physical world that is around me, more than I can help it [laughs]. I’m largely a solitary creature, just by nature and by my work. That said, I venture out into town, but I very seldom leave Northampton.

The Stool Pigeon Interview: Hipster Priest – Unearthing the magical World of comic book genius, Alan Moore (via Geekosystem)

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